My name is Bo Petersen and I am 57 years old, I am an independent architect, an elite sailor and with my five days on the water a week in my OK dinghy, I am very conscious of taking good care of my body and health. My body has to last for many more years. As a busy businessman and active athlete, I need easy and simple solutions.

I do not reach the recommended amounts of greens daily, so the help with the healthy supplement and the good conscience, I found at STAÏ.

In the STAÏ shake I get both vitamins, minerals, proteins, collagen and not least my Omega 3 (my lack of fish intake) which at the same time also keeps track of my Omega 3-6 balance.

What motivated me so much was that STAÏ has chosen plant-based proteins which are the only right thing for me.

Once you've seen the game changer on Netflix, you may know why you're also looking for plant-based protein to a greater extent than today.

Del med dine vener