The short answer is: It does not matter to the weight, what time of day you consume your food / calories.

There are many opinions about when it is best to eat and whether time plays a role in weight.

Your combustion does not know the time. Your weight is simply about the ratio of the amount of calories you consume to the amount of calories you burn.

-if there is balance in the calorie account, you keep the weight off

-you consume more calories than you burn, you put on weight

If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight.

BUT - there is a but

It is not healthy and beneficial for the body to store all the calories for the evening.

-you need energy for your everyday life

-you need energy for your exercise

-your body / digestion needs rest to recover at night.

So for the sake of your health, save on the calories in the evening and preferably no calories 2-3 hours before bedtime. Divide the day's calories into 3 slightly larger meals, and a few small snacks as it works for you.

You may have heard of people who have lost weight by not consuming calories after 6 p.m. 18:00 or at 20.00. This is certainly true, and the explanation is especially that they avoid the cozy dining we all know about in the evenings. It's nice, but it costs on the calorie bill.

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