They are many expressions and designations in the health jungle, which can be a little difficult to understand, i.a. when we talk macro and micro. Check out this blog post and get answers to some of the questions.

 Macro and micro are nutrients

- macro contains energy

- micro does not contain energy, but supports the body's processes

Macro-nutrients are the body's energy / fuel. Carbohydrates, fats and protein are macro-nutrients. They build and maintain muscle, hormones, organs, enzymes and blood.

The micro-nutrients are necessary for the function of the body. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are micro-nutrients. They support the body and help ensure the body's various processes.

- this applies to both the water- and fat-soluble vitamins

the fat-soluble vitamins are vitamins A - D - E - K

- minerals and trace elements are i.a. calcium, magnesium and selenium.

Both macro and micro-nutrients we get by eating lots of i.a. cabbage, ditch vegetables, light meat, fish and fruit. Keep the healthy balance on weekdays, and there is room for the more unhealthy cozy things on the weekends.

You get both macro and micro in the STAÏ shake.

STAÏ v / founder Jytte Bille

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