I have the chronic disease with Ulcerative Colitis, where the ability to absorb nutrients from food is also sharpened due to painful attacks of the disease in the intestinal system, and I was therefore often tired and drained of energy and happiness. Almost from day 1 with STAI BOOST I could feel a clear difference, and today I can do without taking medication. Besides getting the energy and surplus back, my skin, hair and nails have also been given a proper shot of extra nourishment, and I can clearly feel if I have "forgotten" my daily shake for a few days. That’s why I take a shake EVERY day and I enjoy being out of medication, pain, fatigue and lack of excess.

For me, STAI BOOST is an absolutely essential part of having an active and positive life. Having the energy and profits to both run a business alone, be physically active and social requires its energy, and it is not always that the meals are nutritious enough to meet my needs for vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids. It helps my daily STAI shake me with.

Pernille Sten

Del med dine vener