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The STAÏ shake contains the essential nutrients your body needs. The powder  contains vitamins, minerals and proteins, simply shake it with water or your child's favourite liquid and organic linseed oil (omega3).

The STAÏ shake is free from sugar, capsules and binding agents.


  • All nutrients in one daily shake1
  • Carefully selected and optimally formulated nutrients
  • The shake ensures fast and effective absorption in the body
  • Without capsules, lactose and gluten


SOLD OUT STAÏ  shake from 3 years

The STAÏ shake is an all-in-one shake for growing children, where it can be hard to get them to eat the recommended amounts of vegetables every day - The shake ensures effective absorption.

<p>&nbsp; &nbsp; Within 3 days -&nbsp;1 set for 1 month</p>

    Within 3 days - 1 set for 1 month



<p>Without capsules and binders</p>

Without capsules and binders

<p>Easy and simple</p>

Easy and simple

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June Rosenkilde


23 September 2019

Fabulous - and groundbreaking product: Stop thinking about which - and consume all sorts of different vitamins, minerals - and possibly. collagen pills STAÏ has “all in 1 shake”


Your body needs the organic flaxseed oil for, among other things. to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K as effectively as possible.

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