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We have made a collection of the most frequently asked questions

You will receive your STAÏ set sent automatically every month

You can create your very own account at www.stai.dk, where you can:

- Change product

- Change the next 6 deliveries to dates that suit you best

- Pause your membership for up to 6 months

- Update your debit card

Change address

- Change delivery locations to e.g. another parcel shop or have it delivered to your door with PostNord

You will regularly receive STAÏ Inspired, which gives you tips for a healthy lifestyle, etc.

After 3 months there is no binding

You can pay with Visa / Dankort, Mastercard and American Express

Yes, you will receive a tracking number. via sms.

By choosing flaxseed oil, the shake is plant-based and guaranteed without heavy metals from the sea.

The shake is tasteless. Then you shake with water, you get the clean version. If you want flavor, add the liquid you want.

Few of us near the daily recommended 600 grams of vegetables / fruits daily. With the shake, you support your body's strength and health.

The oil ensures effective absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K

The STAI shake is far more than a vitamin pill. You get vitamins, minerals, proteins and the important omega3 fatty acids.

"All-in-one" is composed to ensure efficient absorption.

They can get their daily STAI shake from 3 years

1 month

Yes you can. The shake saturates and gives the body energy

Yes it can, because it is loaded with pure, healthy nutritions and few calories.

140 calories pr. shake

Yes, the shake is a supplement and if you do not get to eat healthy meals, an extra shake can be a great help

If you have any questions that are not answered here, or want things elaborated - you are always welcome to contact us at: info@stai.dk

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