STAÏ Copenhagen

We are a Danish family-owned company specializing in dietary supplements. STAÏ started in 2017 and is today known and recognized for its unique STAÏ shakes.
We deliver as the only ones an All-In-One shake, where you get all the important nutrients. You get both vitamins, minerals, proteins, omega3 and collagen.
It's easy and simple. You only have to think about one product. The nutrients are carefully selected and composed with a focus on efficient absorption in the body.
STAÏ shakes consist of a powder with vitamins, minerals, plant proteins and collagen.
Included in the set is the organic flaxseed oil, which gives you omega3, and the oil ensures that the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, provide the optimal absorption in the body.

STAÏ`s founder Jytte Bille

Jytte is 68 years old, originally trained as a gymnastics instructor and nutrition counselor and has taught diet and nutrition for more than 25 years. Her experience with healthy living, especially diet and supplements was the basis of the idea for STAÏ shakes. Jytte was even looking for a product on the market that could provide energy and be nutritious - in a busy and active everyday life. However, without success, therefore she took the shake in her own hands, and after 3 years of development in collaboration with the most skilled in healthy nutrients, the STAÏ shake was launched in April 2017.

Who takes STAÏ shakes

STAÏ shakes are for those who want their body the absolute best - for a healthy, delicious and strong body.

Members of the STAÏ team are especially the active life-lovers who are aware of the importance of taking responsibility for their own health. They want the simple and easy solutions and therefore they choose STAÏ.

STAÏ`s quality - your guarantee

STAÏ shake's formulation is continuously developed on the basis of the latest research results and adapted to the current recommendations from the health authorities.

Formulations are developed by experts in health and nutrition. All with many years of experience.

Our professional selection is your guarantee of honesty, orderliness and transparent shakes.

Jesper Bay-Hansen, specialist in general medicine, specialist in clinical sexology, positive psychology, and couples therapist.

Thomas Liebmann Pedersen, chemical engineer specializing in nutrients. More than 20 years of experience with product development within food production.

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