Peter Bidstrup


2016 Health Ambassador of the Year

Triathlete - but mostly cyclist

Previous cancer patient (2016)


”I got to know STAÏ by chance, and now I can't live without it. I have a shake every day after work (instead of eating sweets), as well as after training.  Completed half an iron man in May 2018, and despite a generally increased amount of training, I feel that my body has become more flexible and recovery has never been better. Actually did not believe in STAÏ at all in the beginning, but I tested it over a period of 4 months and had 3 regular small breaks along the way. The conclusion is clear: Every time I took a break, I felt my energy levels decrease, and then increase again when I resumed drinking STAI. Despite STAI not being an energy supplement, but ”just” a vitamin and mineral supplement, I sense a long-term effect in the form of more energy, as I feel that I have more and better power to do exactly what I want, whether it's a long training day or a 3-day music festival, where you are more or less standing up all the time.

Given the above, I can therefore strongly recommend STAI.”

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