STAI Shaker

29 kr.

Minimumprice for 3 deliveries are 72 kr.

One set contains powder, oil and shake. 1 shake 5-7 times a week and you have for 1 month.

The set is a monthly set and contains powder, oil and shaker.
Without binding after 3 months.

Vores shaker rummer 250 ml og er fremstillet helt uden det omstridte BPA og DEHP. 

Shakeren er fremstillet i Europa under strenge kvalitetskrav og lever derfor også op til både vores og den danske fødevarestyrelses krav til fødevarekontaktmaterialer.

Shakeren tåler maskinopvask.

<p>&nbsp; &nbsp; Within 3 days -&nbsp;1 set for 1 month</p>

    Within 3 days - 1 set for 1 month

<p>Sundhedsboost - vitaminer, mineraler</p>

Sundhedsboost - vitaminer, mineraler

<p>Without capsules and binders</p>

Without capsules and binders

<p>Easy and simple</p>

Easy and simple

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Gitte Jensen


23 September 2019

Fabulous - and groundbreaking product: Stop thinking about which - and consume all sorts of different vitamins, minerals - and possibly. collagen pills STAÏ has “all in 1 shake”


Your body needs the organic flaxseed oil for, among other things. to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K as effectively as possible.

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