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Unnecessary packing 

Dear member

STAI thinks about your health – also when it comes to “edible packaging”.

Have you thought about how much unnecessary packaging we eat? Studies show that we consume up to 70 kg of unnecessary waste throughout our lives


Pills, supplements, etc. are often in the form of capsules and tablets.

There is no need to stress the body unnecessarily and therefore STAÏ shakes are unpackaged as capsules and binders


Vitamins, minerals and proteins are available in a natural powder form, which you shake together with water or other liquid 


Take STAI – your body will love you for it.


I needed an easy and simple supplement. That’s why I chose STAI.

With a demanding job with many travel days, I needed an easy, simple product. I found STAI and I take that daily.

It allows me to be a present father and boyfriend, time to keep fit and enjoy life. It’s easy and simple, bursting with vitamins, minerals, proteins, collagen, omega-3 and turmeric. It also appealed to me that STAI is without capsules and tablets.


Søren Lau

Genneral Manager, Microsoft


I have been taking my STAI for several years, I shake and skip taking a lot of different pills and capsules. For me, it has always been important that it was easy to give the body a healthy boost every morning. I feel it on my skin, hair and nails – and I very rarely feel tired! I can highly recommend STAI.

PS – and perfect with the new ‘portions’, which are easy to take on holiday!

Photo: Ida Wang

Hedi Ibenfeldt

As an athlete, my body is my most important tool, and with a concept like STAI, I get support to maintain a healthy and strong body.

STAI contains over 25 nourishing ingredients, and there are vitamins, proteins, minerals, omega-3, collagen and turmeric.

Alberte Greve
Professional bike rider,  Lotto Dstny Ladies

Best wishes

Jytte Bille