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Your brain need exercise

Dear member

The brain develops throughout life and you decide how well it should function. It’s about your lifestyle.


The brain is constantly forming new cells. It tears down, rebuilds and builds up, but in order for this “brain factory” to function optimally and efficiently, it needs your efforts.

 The brain needs efficient blood supply to solve its tasks.

  • A healthy circulation improves blood supply / circulation
  • Efficient blood supply keeps the brain healthy
  • The brain needs the healthy fat.


Your effort is:


  • Be physically active. It strengthens the circulation and increases the blood supply to the brain
  • Get enough sleep – your body and brain clean at night
  • Eat healthy and remember the healthy omeg3 fatty acids.





A healthy, balanced lifestyle gives you all the opportunities to enjoy life 100%.




It requires an effort on your part. Nothing healthy comes by itself and you need to choose the solutions that make you happy.







Physically active should be with a focus on high heart rate and sweat on the forehead, several times a week.


Sleep is very important because otherwise the brain drowns in waste products. It has the night to do head cleaning, rinse out all the waste products and get ready for a new day. If it does not get this peace for a long time, it can develop into a disease.


The diet is the healthy one, varied with lots of vegetables, and if you make sure you get the healthy nutrients daily, you will help your body optimally. You get the important nutrients and omega3 fatty acids in absorbable composition in the STAÏ shake.



Facts about the brain:



  • The brain weighs about 1.5 kg and consists primarily of fat
  • Our brain first mature around the of 25-30.



Choose your lifestyle. You decide how fresh you want to be for the rest of your life.



Best wishes

Jytte Bille