715 kr.

Minimumprice for 3 deliveries are 1767 kr.

One set contains powder, oil and shake. 1 shake 5-7 times a week and you have for 1 month.

The set is a monthly set and contains powder, oil and shaker.
Without binding after 3 months.

STAÏ Power + contains nutrients that are carefully selected and optimally composed, so that the body quickly and efficiently absorbs the entire contents of the shake.

Collagen is a protein, extracted from fish, which together with vitamin C effectively contributes to the skin's elasticity, suppleness and glow.

Therefore, select STAÏ Power +

  • Extra power for training - proteins and magnesium
  • Turmeric strengthens your natural defenses and health
  • Collagen for joints, cartilage, skin and skin glow and elasticity
  • Vitamin C ensures optimal utilization of collagen
  • Vitamins E and C protect against oxidative stress
  • Biotin (vitamin B) supports the hair, skin and mucous membranes
  • The shake ensures fast and efficient absorption in the body

Your body will love you for it

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Collagen is an important part of our skin. The skin cells form collagen, but this ability decreases with age and is a contributing factor to the fact that we develop wrinkles as we get older. From around the age of 30, we lose collagen every year, which means looser skin, fine lines and later wrinkles. The collagen in the STAÏ shake is extracted from fish.

Vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen, which is important for well-functioning blood vessels, bones and skin. Vitamins C and E help protect cells from oxidative stress.

Biotin (vitamin B) supports mucous membranes, skin and hair.

Vitamin B complex contributes i.a. for nervous system, immune system, red blood cell formation and a well-functioning metabolism.

Zinc is important for various processes in the body. Among other things. immune system, eyes and nails.

After 3 months the membership is very flexible. You can e.g. pause the membership for up to 6 months, then your membership will be activated automatically. 

STAÏ shake with turmeric and collagen

The shake contains the same nutrients as the other 2 shakes plus turmeric. Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant. Turmeric contains a natural anti-inflammatory substance, which strengthens the body's natural defenses.

<p>&nbsp; &nbsp; Within 3 days -&nbsp;1 set for 1 month</p>

    Within 3 days - 1 set for 1 month

<p>Sundhedsboost - vitaminer, mineraler</p>

Sundhedsboost - vitaminer, mineraler

<p>Without capsules and binders</p>

Without capsules and binders

<p>Easy and simple</p>

Easy and simple

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Gitte Jensen


23 September 2019

Fabulous - and groundbreaking product: Stop thinking about which - and consume all sorts of different vitamins, minerals - and possibly. collagen pills STAÏ has “all in 1 shake”


Your body needs the organic flaxseed oil for, among other things. to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K as effectively as possible.

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