I stumbled upon Jytte in a networking context and she told me about STAI. Like many others, especially men, I did not have much scam for supplements, but I then took my "normal" vitamin pills. I let myself be persuaded and now after 6 months, I can not do without the shake. I take a shake almost every morning. I am primarily an executive runner and run every single day, at the moment my goal is. 7 km. a day, and right now I have run 642 days in a row! I have, as mentioned, taken the STAÏ shake the last ½ year and i.a. completed the Berlin Half Marathon, CPH Marathon and my first ultra run Coast2Coast in North Jutland (50 km). Despite a general increase in the amount of exercise (40% daily), I feel that my body has become somewhat more flexible and the recovery has never been so good. I had before STAI a good routine with the vitamin pills and an ok diet and I did not think it would be felt, but I bend. The STAÏ shake makes a difference. I can highly recommend STAÏ.

Del med dine venner