A shortcut to slowing down your aging and ensuring a healthy body.

The trace element selenium is one of the most important nutrients for our body, its functions and health. Selenium is one of the most effective antioxidants.

The body requires only very small amounts of selenium, but these small amounts make a very big difference. They protect the body's cells in the fight against the free radicals, which are the ones that cause damage and later possible disease in the body.

Selenium strengthens i.a.
- your immune system
- your skin and your hair
- your eyes
< span> - your liver function
- slows down the body's age - related decay.

Can selenium prevent or reduce the risk of developing certain cancers?
There are a number of studies left from 90 `rne and 00`rne. Here's a small excerpt from a 1996 study.
Professor Larry Clark of the University of Arizona found that people who had taken 200 micrograms of selenium daily for a number of years had a 58% lower incidence of colon cancer , 40% lower incidence of lung cancer and 60% lower incidence of prostate cancer. For those who already had low levels of selenium in the blood, i.a. Danish men, the risk of prostate cancer decreased by 90%.

There is agreement among professionals - selenium is important for our health and an important antioxidant.
It should be part of your daily diet if you want to prevent and maintain your body and your health.

Effective sources for selenium include Brazil nuts, almonds, tuna, onions, garlic, eggs and brown rice, One Brazil nut contains between 12 and 25 mcg of selenium. 100 grams of tuna contains 70 mcg of selenium.

Selenium together with i.a. Vitamin E, zinc, C, B6 and other B vitamins are effective in the fight for a healthy body. The general recommendation is to take selenium and vitamin E at the same time as they work closely together. Vitamins A, B, C and zinc enhance the effect of selenium and vitamin E.

If you want to be sure to do the best for your body, with the right composition of the important nutrients, STAÏ`s energy supplement is an effective boost, combined with the daily healthy diet .
In the daily shake you get selenium, A, B, C, E, zinc etc .. The recipe is composed based on the Danish Health and Medicines Authority's recommendation and in a way so that your body can absorb all the nutrients. 23 in total + the important omega3 fatty acids.

Rule of thumb: Antioxidants are your friends, and you get them by eating healthy, and the free radicals are your enemies, and they invade your body when you eat unhealthy, as f .ex. fatty foods and too much sugar.

Invest in your health if you want to stay the best you can be.

Healthy greetings
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