Founder and director 
TOTUM - the school of body therapy 

I have been interested in diet, supplements and health for the last 20 years - So much so that 10 years ago I took a diet and nutrition education at the Department of Optimal Nutrition at Eva Lydeking-Olsen. So injecting my body with the best supplements so that I give myself the best conditions to live a life with as much energy and surplus as possible is so important. - I found that in STAI. 

I got it recommended by a good friend. At first I was skeptical as I know many products that tell why they are so good for this and that…
But after reading about the product on the website and a good chat with Jytte, I was convinced to try it. Now my boyfriend and I have been taking the shake for a while and we are really happy with our dividend and how super simple and easy it is. We take it in the morning in a shake or put it in our vegetable juice and use it that way often as breakfast. 

I think, I at STAI have found a product where the composition of proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy omega3 fatty acids is really well thought out, and where a lot has been done to ensure that the body can absorb the products, which is at least as important as what's in.
It is also a product that is 100% plant-based and therefore no capsules or binders that the body needs to break down. 

Gorgeous and simple design, delivered to your door every month, just makes it even better. 
All in all, I think it's the best product on the market! 

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I have several caps on today. 
Together with 2 colleagues, I founded Denmark's largest body therapy school 5 years ago, where today I both run it, teach students and treat clients. So an everyday life for me is busy developing, teaching and doing projects and lectures about how body and psyche are connected, as well as lots of other things that have to do with running a school. 
Then I also have the pleasure of learning from myself by teaching happy and enthusiastic students and noticing how much they are also passionate about TOTUM body therapy. 
In addition, I also have a day a week where I receive clients and help them with stress, anxiety and other emotional issues - digestive problems and problems in the musculoskeletal system such as pain in the neck, back or other. 
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