From being a little happy chubby tennis player, over various restrictive diets, fear of eating ice cream, sweets and cake, and a university degree in Sports and Health, I have landed on something as "boring" as anything with a way to approach diet.

As one of my comrades said to me one day; "You can eat it all, as long as you eat half." Nothing is forbidden, but the body must have the right nutrition to function optimally.

The more we can meet our needs in a natural way through diet, the better. Having said that, my conviction at the same time is that we have run predatory operations on many of our crops and the quality of many raw materials has been drastically reduced. Therefore, it is also my belief that supplements can be beneficial if the content and composition benefit the body.

The dietary supplement industry is virtually unmanageable. Although I have a great knowledge of health, because I get lost in the jungle of supplements. What is best composed and who is actually behind the many products. Who are the manufacturers and who has developed the products. What should I choose and what dosage should I go for. In that jungle, I'm glad I found STAÏ.

An all in one diet supplement that I find my body responds well to. Whether it works for everyone, I do not know, but I'm glad it's one of the initiatives I invest in, in relation to my own health. Nice STAÏ shake has come on the market. Simple, transparent, Danish developed and tested by owner. It gives credibility.

Adam Blicher, Master of Sports and Health

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