Release the hamster wheel during the holidays

See your life values ​​as:
- golfballs (health, family, job, friends and hobbies)
- pebbles (house, car, cottage, boat and the kind)
- true (daily irritations, frustrations and speculations)
- coffee (coziness)

A professor stood in front of his philosophy team and the class had to start - today's topic -


He took a large, empty glass. Filled it with golf balls and asked his team if they agreed that now it was filled?
It was them.

Next he took some pebbles, poured them into the glass, shook the glass and the stones found a place among the golf balls.
The professor asked his team if they agreed that now it was full?
It was them.

Now the professor took some sand and slowly poured it into the glass. The sand found its place among golf balls and pebbles. The same question was asked and the students agreed - it was full.

Finally, the professor took and poured a few cups of coffee into the glass, which effectively filled the cavities that were between the grains of sand.
The students pondered this a bit and smiled - the professor continued:

Imagine, this glass represents your life,
- the golf balls are all that really matter to you - your health, family , jobs, friends and hobbies,
- the pebbles are things like house, car, cottage, boat and the like - nice to have, but some can be dispensed with if necessary,
- the sand is all the other little things and thoughts , we also deal with daily.

If we now fill in the sand first, there is no room for either golf balls or pebbles. And so it is with life.
If we spend all our energy and time on the small, less important things and thoughts, we never get enough space for the things that really matter to us.

Give time and space to the real values ​​of life - the rest is often just true.
(Remember 90% of our worries do not turn into anything).

One of the students asked: What does coffee represent?
The professor answered - no matter how full your life is, there can be room for a cozy / coffee with family and friends.

Prioritize your values ​​
Del med dine venner