I eat healthy and varied and do not need supplements! 

-I get my need for nutrients covered through my diet 
Dietary supplements do not make a difference 
- I do not have time for that and so - 
-Is it too expensive. 

If you eat 24-7 exclusively what your body needs, able to the answer be correct. You do not need supplements. 
But how many can say yes to it? 
What did your menu look like Monday through Sunday? 

Another thing is the quality of our food. Professionals / experts strongly disagree about the quality of our food. Nutritional content has declined over the past 30 years, but how much? 

What could a random menu in a Danish family look like?
- morning: coffee and a cheese meal - or a portion of oatmeal 
-lunch: rye bread with cold cuts - maybe a little green / salad 
afternoon: fruit or cake 
evening: meat / fish, potatoes, vegetables and bread 
TV time: coffee / tea, bread, cake, fruit 

The weekend might be spiced up with, 
-Breakfast and pastries 
wine, beer or drinks 
chips and such 
-coffees and cakes 
This menu covers far from what the body needs. 

The body needs lots of healthy nutrients (vitamins, minerals and healthy oils), which you, among other things, get in, 
-vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, carrots, beets 
-fresh fruit 
beans and lentils 
-spices and herbs, (remember ginger and turmeric). 

The body needs the right nutrients every day, incl. the healthy fats. 
Vitamins A, D, E and K require fats to be absorbed into the body 
-healthy fat is i.a. flaxseed oil and fish oil. 

Always getting the right nutrients is difficult for most of us. We want the healthy choices, but time in everyday life is usually a scarce factor, and we regularly choose the slightly easier and perhaps less healthy solutions. 

Among other things. therefore, the right dietary supplement is a healthy choice. 
STAÏ BOOST - the pure dietary supplement - contains the right composition of the most important nutrients incl. healthy fats. You can make a difference to your body and your health with a daily shake from STAÏ for only DKK 16.30 per. day.

If your health is important to YOU! 

Lots of healthy greetings 

Del med dine venner