We want the healthy life, but it must be efficient and easy to live by, and there must be room for coziness.

There is room for cozy life. For more than 30 years I have lived by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you are your body's best friend, and make sure it gets plenty of vegetables, fruits, fish and tap water.

20% of the time you enjoy life with the delights that mean the most to you. Remember to buy quality over quantity. Give yourself plenty of time, be present and enjoy it, and you will find that when you are really present and taste the delicacies, you eat less.

Use lots of herbs and spices in everyday life. Your body's best friends. I have 3 of the top models here:

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Garlic is chock full of antioxidants. It strengthens your immune system and prevents the body's aging.
According to experts also reduce the risk of cancer


Ginger is top notch when it comes to strengthening the immune system and helps i.a. in fighting any infections. Make friends with the ginger, it does so much good for your body.


Turmeric contains very strong antioxidants, which help to neutralize the free radicals and stimulate the body's own antioxidants enzymes. When using turmeric, add pepper so that the body
utilizes the turmeric optimally.

< So what are antioxidants and free radicals for some sizes:

Remember: Antioxidants are your friends, and you get them by eating healthy, and the free radicals are your enemies and they invade your body when you eat unhealthily, e.g. White bread.

Take responsibility for your body and enjoy life.

Del med dine venner