Michael Bagge
Customer Manager, Health and Prevention Specialist, Sampension < / span>

With many years of experience in the field of health and prevention in various companies, including Falck Healthcare, I have tested and tried many supplements, vitamin pills, omega3 capsules and proteins.

In the STAÏ BOOST Shake, I have found a unique dietary supplement where you get all the nutrients in one daily shake. Proteins, vitamins, minerals, omega3 fatty acids and the healthy fatty acid are necessary to be able to absorb vitamins A D E and K. All this you will find in a daily shake and the easy and simple approach makes you get it done!

A special benefit of the STAÏ Shake is that it is purely plant-based and without unnecessary packaging, such as. capsules, binders and artificial flavoring - you protect the body's internal environment.
A quality product that I take daily and that I can vouch for 100%.

I am employed as Customer Manager with a focus on health and prevention at Sampension. I am a passionate leader with a background in, among other things. Willis and Falck Healthcare and my work stems from a pronounced desire to improve public health in Denmark.

Like the other pension companies, Sampension will in future focus more on the health and prevention area for our customers and we would like to differentiate ourselves from the other companies by our focus on health, prevention. and well-being.
It makes good sense because, as we live longer and longer, there is a need for increased efforts in relation to well-being and well-being, all to ensure a good, healthy and long working life.

All in all, Sampension and I are here to help companies and organizations put together the offers that provide the best possible value for their employees.

I am 46 years old and have joined Sampension from a position as Key Account Executive at Falck Healthcare, where I have for a number of years been responsible for concept development, consulting with special focus on prevention, cooperation with brokers and outreach sales and retention.
I was originally trained as an electrician, and have subsequently trained as a masseur and reflexologist and have for many years been part of one of Denmark's leaders. treatment clinics in the heart of Copenhagen.
I have in my time been part of the team behind the creation of Willis Healthcare, which in 2001 became Falck Healthcare and has thus for many years worked with sales, marketing and development of health products.
I have played ice hockey at a high level in both Rungsted and Gentofte, have completed an IRONMAN and participated in several marathons.
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