The most beautiful summer with lots of sun and heat. Enjoy it and pay attention to your body and the body's need for water.

Drink the water your body needs - at the right times.

Tap water, groundwater, spring water - what is the best, and how much the body needs, and when in the day.

Professionals discuss from time to time whether we need 1 or 2 L of water to meet our daily needs. Here it is assumed that we do not train and that we have a more normal Danish summer.

Next whether we should drink tap water or we should buy and finally when we should ingest the water.

How much you should drink depends on several things. Most importantly, you are listening to YOUR body.

-on average. 2 L pr. day

-have you trained, it requires extra fluid

-if it is hot, it also requires extra liquid.

-there may be other special circumstances you need to take into account.

The daily need is approx. 2 L a day in total - not just water, but juice, juice m.m. (remember alcohol does not fall into this category)

Drink only a little liquid with meals - otherwise you owe the important nutrients out again. Your daily fluid intake you should predominantly drink between meals, and by far the largest portion should be water.

If you sweat a lot, take some salt. The salt helps hold up the fluid.

Denmark has some of the cleanest water compared to other countries, and the vast majority of drinking water is extracted from clean groundwater. Tap water is clean and it is recommended by quite a few professionals.

Did you know: that spring water is groundwater poured into bottles. They make a borehole, pump up the water (groundwater borehole) and pour it into bottles it is spring water. (Niels Kelstrup, geologist).

Remember to wash your water bottle - preferably in the dishwasher.

Del med dine venner