Your HUG for you

K - diet, balanced with 80% of the healthy and 20% for everything you dream of
R - calm and recovery. Cosiness, relaxation and self-pampering, free of devices, clear your brain, spend the weekend
A - job satisfaction. Whether it's at work, at home, volunteering or otherwise, it must feel right
M - exercise. The body loves to be used. Find the kind of exercise that makes you happy and gives you energy so that it becomes a joy and not a duty.

Prioritize exercise and you get so much more energy, well-being and joy into your everyday life and a shaped and delicious body that radiates. It does not succeed every day for quite a few of us, but remember, a little is always better than the alternative - nothing.

TIPS for the busy days:
K - diet, think cabbage, coarse greens, and organic, then you're well on your way
R - calm. Breathe all the way into your stomach 10 times a day
A - job satisfaction. Start the day with a smile. Your body loves it
M - exercise. Always remember a little exercise is better than no exercise.

Your body is your best friend - pamper it - you pamper yourself

STAÏ v / founder Jytte Bille

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