I've always enjoyed life. Cosiness, delicious food, experiences, travel and the freedom to choose different sports and the desire to try new things. That freedom to choose requires a healthy body in a sensible form and preferably in an easy and effective way.

When I was in my 30s I experienced how my parents already in the 50s were limited by lack on form, energy and curious about new things. It was an eye opener for me. I realized how important freedom of choice was my own responsibility.

In the 80's I took on a challenge and became a gymnastics instructor and nutritionist, even though I was not one of the slim ones on the gymnastics team. Got thrown the extra kg and have kept it since.

I am generally into the simple and efficient. Back in the 80's, we managed both fitness, strength, extent and breathing with a smile of 5 blocks. And there was time for fun with coffee and cake after training. Today, we prefer to go on many different teams to cope with the same thing.

The same thing has happened with supplements. We often have to buy many different capsules, tablets, powders and oils to ensure the healthy and strong body, because we know that few of us have time to eat the recommended approx. 600 grams of vegetables / fruit daily. In addition, we are more misled than guided. And why eat all that packaging like capsules, binders, etc.

It gave me the idea for the STAÏ shake. Why not settle for a daily "all-in-one" grant? In its natural form. Easy, simple and efficient, done in 2 min. and the conscience is great, for we know we have pampered our bodies and health and invested in the freedom to choose - even as we grow older.

Hope to see you on the STAÏ team!

Founder of STAÏ and lifestyle coach


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