21. May there is a party in Copenhagen: Copenhagen Marathon

The quote: To run is to live is from i.a. Henriette Thomson, the world's oldest female marathon runner, who ran at the age of 92.
The world's oldest male marathon runner, Fanja Singh, ran at the age of 100.

So 65 years is no age and my personal challenge this year has been chosen. I have start number 7204, 21 May and I look forward to trying the Copenhagen Marathon.

Hope to see you - either as a runner or cheerleader 😊

Don`t worry about failures - worry about the chances your miss, when you don`t even try.

Since I turned 35, I have given every year myself a particular challenge. Something new and untried. Partly I challenge myself, and partly I get an insight into how hard you have to fight to be among the best.

Find your inner curiosity and play child and try something new. Maybe just once, but give it a try.

Set a goal, stay focused and complete. It is so life-affirming and fantastic.

If you want to be inspired by the challenges I have tried over the years, check here:

  • - 35 years of alpine skiing - I still enjoy
  • - 40 years water skiing - 10 years
  • - 40 years started own brokerage
  • - 45 years half marathon - 1 time
  • - 50 years playing the piano - 4 years
  • - 55 years riding - 1 year
  • - 59 years Odense Marathon - 1 time
  • - 60 years Cycled with Team Rynkeby to Paris - my first racing bike
  • - 61 years Cycled up the Alpe d`Huez - 1 time
  • - 63 years Cycled with Team Rynkeby to Paris and tested STAI`s energy supplement
  • - 63 years Cycled up Mount Venteux and tested STAI`s energy supplement - 1 time
  • - 64 years started - a healthy and strong body all life
  • - 65 years Copenhagen Marathon and (STAI`s energy supplement is included in the breakfast).

  • To challenge oneself is to feel that we add life to the years and not just years to life.

Lots of positive energy greetings
Del med dine venner